We very much look forward to welcoming Owners back for the 2021/22 season at Plumpton. The 2020/21 season was very odd for us all, with 6 fixtures run in their entirety without owners, whilst the other 11 had some form of restriction and so we are very much hoping to have you back as “normal” for the 2021/22 season.

That said, we have made some changes to the way we will allocate Owners Tickets for the 2021/22 season, purely for the reason that we appreciate Ownership is changing and we need to try and recognise that more people are involved in owning individual horses and we want them to see their horse run where we can. However in allowing increased numbers to attend, we have to change the allocation allowance in the Owners & Trainers Bar as we cannot accommodate everyone in the available space. And so for this season, we will offer Owners the chance to choose one of the following ways to access the racecourse:

  • 8 badges per runner – each will have racecourse entry, a racecard, access to the Owners & Trainers Bar and Parade Ring and a meal voucher to be used in the O&T Bar (this is the same as the 2019/20 season).
  • 4 badges as above and 8 Grandstand & Paddock admission badges.
  • 16 General Admission Badges – 12 may have Parade Ring access, but unfortunately there is no Owners & Trainers Bar access.

Please note these allocations cannot vary due to the capacity limitations in both the Owners & Trainers Room and Parade Ring.

Whilst we fully appreciate the desire for everyone to have access to the Owners & Trainers Bar, we have limited space in the Owners & Trainers Room and so cannot allocate further badges on safety grounds, but also to try and ensure the best experience for those who attend. Similarly, whilst we would like to get everyone into the Parade Ring to see their horse, we do have a capacity in the Parade Ring too and we must also have the horses welfare as a primary concern and so not overcrowd them.

Car Parking will remain as before, with just 4 spaces available per runner and so please do park elsewhere if you are not in the allotted Owners distribution. This is as we are land locked and cannot expand the car park accordingly.

Extra Badges for Owners can be purchased at £10 per person, but these are for General Admission only and will not give Parade Ring or Owners Bar access.

As it stands, there are no COVID Restrictions on site for Owners but there will continue to be plenty of hand sanitiser available and we would recommend the wearing of masks indoors until seated. This may change during the season and we will keep you updated as and when we are informed.

Obviously this is a new system and so whilst we would certainly ask that all owners details are uploaded to PASS by 4pm the day before racing, we will be happy to help with questions on racing@plumptonracecourse.co.uk or 01273 890383.

Lastly, but very importantly we wish you the very best of luck with your runners at Plumpton this season!

Best Wishes,

The Plumpton Team

Plumpton Racecourse - Owners & Trainers