Plumpton Racecourse
Jeffrey Peate Challenge

Jeffrey Peate Challenge Final Standings - 2022/23


Jockey Points   Trainer Points
1 Jamie Moore 133 1 Chris Gordon 390
2 Tom Cannon 105 2 Gary Moore 370
3 Caoilin Quinn 89 3 Andy Irvine 204
4 Brendan Powell 82 4 Nick Gifford 168
5 James Davies 76 5 Seamus Mullins 140
6 Harry Cobden 75 6 Milton Harris 132
7 Michael Nolan 46 7 Neil Mulholland 126
T8 Harry Reed 39 8 Paul Henderson 116
T8 Rex Dingle 39 9 Joe Tizzard 112
10 Marc Goldstein 37 10 Anthony Honeyball 102


Jeffrey Peate Jockeys Challenge

A yearly competition to determine the top jockey at Plumpton. Every race the top 4 jockeys (if applicable) are awarded points depending on their finishing position: 1st – 8pts, 2nd – 5pts, 3rd – 3pts, 4th – 1pt. The jockey with the most points at the end of the season (calculated September to May) wins the Jeffrey Peate Jockeys Challenge Trophy.

The Jeffrey Peate Trainers Challenge

Runs alongside the jockey challenge and determines the top trainer at Plumpton during the course of the season (September to May). The top 3 trainers per race are awarded points: 1st – 16pts, 2nd – 8pts, 3rd – 4pts. Alongside this we also take into account the different number of horses a trainer has in their yard, so there is a bonus point system to give yards with fewer horses a fairer chance of victory. The smaller the yard the more bonus points (up to 5) they receive. E.g. Andy Irvine has 16-30 horses in training, therefore each time he is in the top 3 he will receive an extra 4 points, for example 16pts for 1st place + 4 bonus pts, Andy would receive 20pts in the JP Challenge. Gary Moore on the other hand has 66+ horses in training, therefore each time he is in the top 3 he will only receive 1 bonus point, for example 16pts for 1st place + 1 bonus pts, Gary would receive 17pts in the JP Challenge. At the end of the season the trainer with the most points wins the The Jeffrey Peate Trainers Challenge Trophy.

Bonus Scheme Points:

0-15* - 5pts
16-30* - 4pts
31-45* - 3pts
46-66* - 2pts
66+* - 1pt
*horses in training

Jeffrey Peate Challenge History 

The Jeffrey Peate Jockeys Challenge has been taking place since the 1999/2000 season when AP McCoy landed the title, and two seasons later the Trainers Challenge was introduced in 2001/02 which was won by Martin Pipe. Since the inception of the Jeffrey Peate Challenge, Gary Moore has dominated the trainers title and Jamie Moore has been the winningmost jockey, however the Chris Gordon narrowly pipped Gary Moore to the title in the 2022/23 season to make it a hatrick of titles for Chris. Jamie Moore was able to regain the jockey's title for the first time in five years. The trophy presentations will take place at the first meeting in the 2023/24 season on Sunday 24th September.

Season  Leading Jockey Leading Trainer
2022/23 Jamie Moore Chris Gordon
2021/22 Tom Cannon Chris Gordon
2020/21 Josh Moore Gary Moore
2019/20 Josh Moore Gary Moore
2018/19 Tom Cannon Chris Gordon
2017/18 Jamie Moore Gary Moore
2016/17 Jamie Moore Gary Moore
2015/16 Josh Moore Gary Moore
2014/15 Tom Cannon/Tom Scudamore Gary Moore
2013/14 Jamie Moore Gary Moore
2012/13 Jamie Moore Jonathan Geake
2011/12 Leighton Aspell Gary Moore
2010/11 Jamie Moore Gary Moore
2009/10 Phillip Hide Gary Moore
2008/09 Jamie Moore Gary Moore
2007/08 Jamie Moore Gary Moore
2006/07 Jamie Moore Gary Moore
2005/06 Phillip Hide Gary Moore
2004/05 Phillip Hide Gary Moore
2003/04 AP McCoy Gary Moore
2002/03 Barry Fenton Gary Moore
2001/02 AP McCoy Martin Pipe
2000/01 AP McCoy n/a
1999/00 AP McCoy n/a