The next meeting's are Easter Sunday/Monday 21st/22nd April 2019

8.15am Friday 19th April 2019.

Going Report: Good-Watering

Going stick today at 7.30am: 7.7 for both courses.

30mm of irrigation will have been applied by later today and will continue today/tomorrow as we try to maintain description.

Shared or common bends for the two day fixture, from an innermost line top Hurdle in 4yds, bottom in 2yds, Chase top out 6yds, bottom out 8yds.

Races 1&4 -24yds, Races 2&3 +84yds, Race 5 +126yds, Races 6&7 -36yds

The past week has been dry with temperatures improving as we reach the Easter w/e which is forecast to be sunny and warm, daytime max temps around +22/23C.

Monday could see some cloud cover but staying dry!

For any further ground information, please contact:
Mark Cornford, Clerk of the Course, on 07759 151617.