Next Raceday: Wednesday 13th February - Injured Jockey Fund Charity Raceday


Going Report: 7am Wednesday 13th February: SOFT

Dry overnight, no frost.

A dry and bright day ahead with a daytime best temperature around +10C

Going Stick Today at 8am returned 6.1 for Both Courses.

Bend rails from an innermost line are Hurdle top out 8yds, bottom out 9yds, Chase top out 4yds, bottom out 3yds.

Races 1&6 +78yds,  Races 2&4 +42yds, Race 3 +102yds, Race 5 +129yds.

For any further ground information, please contact:
Mark Cornford, Clerk of the Course, on 07759 151617.