Behind the scenes of the 2017 Plumpton Racecourse Wedding Style Shoot

Who would you rather do a photo and video shoot with – people or animals? We did both! Back in April, we shot our first wedding style shoot in 3 years with some of our wonderful suppliers.

With our next wedding fair, in association with Pure Events just days away, we thought we’d look back behind the scenes when we captured some amazing photos and footage….

With the help of our lovely friends at To Have And To Hire Weddings And Events (who also staged out ceremony venues and marquee) – we were able to source a male model to be our “groom” for the day – but not the type of groom we see on our racedays! Before the day, we had to get the groom kitted out and measured up in a couple suits to suit both styles of wedding we wanted to capture. We trotted over to Hove to see Adrian from Dickies suit hire, who provided us with two stunning suits for “Dave the groom.”

We opted for a classic, traditional look for some of the shots and a more country feel for some of the others. The wonderful Sam from The Wedding Boutique in Worthing, provided us with two gorgeous gowns plus the model, Ashleigh, to show them off!

The shoot started with wedding transport, where the professional Pete from Falcon Wedding Cars proudly showed off what he stores in his trunk…more beauty products for the bride than most salons! Anything the bride may need, had forgotten, needs repairing, you name it, Pete’s got it!

Queue first animal shoot! Tom and Barney, the Friesian horses from Wayside Carriages came most elegantly through the large iron double gates onto the racecourse – and what professionals they were! They patiently stood while we shot images of the bride and groom getting into and sitting in the carriage and had to walk through the gates about three times to get the right shot for the video.

“Are they ok with drones?” Asked the videographer, Tim, from TMR Videography.

“I think so, let’s see!” Responded Abbie Fuller, owner of the horses and the carriage company.

The reaction from the photogenic pair was to raise their heads to the drone in unison, prick their ears and smile, if they could, until the drone had captured the shots Tim was after. Perfect.

It was at this point the weather decided to turn – no more pretending this was a nice August hot summer’s day! We retreated to the marquee – the venue of choice for most of our couples for their wedding reception for its large capacity and versatility. This was the ideal opportunity to take the cuisine images our caterers, Tie The Knot Wedding Catering, had produced.

“How do you produce this much food in this short time?” Enquired Craig the photographer, as he papped plate after plate showing off an enormous variety of gastronomy.

“For the purpose of a photo shoot, a lot of the food can be prepared and photographed raw,” Head Chef Graham replied, tapping his finger to his nose, before returning to the kitchen.

“Anyone got a cake knife?” Called Ashleigh, the bride, who pointed out that when shooting the cutting of the cake, it really helps the models if they have something to cut it with.

There was always going to be something we forgot! We managed to use a ladle from the kitchen and hide the spoon end behind the cake or a model and only photo the long metal handle – no one would know it wasn’t a real knife…

After lunch, we had our second animal shoot for the day. Lennie the horse was filmed and photographed wandering the Beautiful Bells bell tents with our model couple, now changed into the “country” look.

“Let’s try and get one of him with his head in a bell tent,” suggested Marketing Executive and Lennie’s owner, Harriet Brown.

“You and your ideas!” Laughed Craig but he dutifully agreed.

With Harriet crouched not quite out of shot (but nothing a bit of photoshop couldn’t fix) holding the reins

and a few carrots later, Craig managed to get a great shot of Lennie looking as though he was about to walk in on a couple’s first private moment together as man and wife…

Thank you so much to all our suppliers who contributed to the shoot. For our full preferred suppliers list, please email us.

The wedding fair is on Sunday 15th October in the marquee at Plumpton Racecourse from 11:00am – 3:00pm, entry is free and all brides receive a goody bag!