Having a bet at the races is great fun, whether you’re a high roller or only want to risk a couple of pounds, so take a look at our guides beneath and surprise your friends with your new found betting knowledge. How the odds work, where and how to place your bet and where to go for advice on who to pick.

Everything you need to know to get started is in the guide beneath.

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To place a bet, all you need to do is:

  • Choose your horse
  • Note the time of the race
  • Decide how much you wish to stake – you can place a bet from as little as £2

You can then choose where to place your bet – making sure you always check your bet immediately on receipt, as any mistakes cannot be changed once a race has begun.


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Betting with the tote is simple and easy to understand, with a fantastic range of different bets that offer great value and add to your enjoyment of the racing action.

Click here to view the totepool guide to betting at the races.

The important thing to remember about Totepool betting is that you are not betting against a bookmaker.  Each bet operates as a pool – so just like the lottery, how much you win depends on how many other winning tickets there are.

While this does mean you can’t ‘take the price’ as you would with the bookies, betting with the Tote often pays more. So check the live Tote information screens when placing your bet for an indication of how much you could win.

You’ll see that you have a much wider choice of bets available with the Tote compared to the bookmakers.  And only with the Tote do you have a chance to win big money for a small stake, with their unique bets like the toteplacepot and millionaire making totescoop6.

Tote betting points are conveniently located in all areas, so you should always find one nearby wherever you are on-course. Friendly Tote staff will be on hand and are happy to help should you need assistance in placing your bet.

To help you place your bet, watch the  “Fancy a Flutter? Tote Betting”, a 3 minute video guide.

You can bet and collect at any betting point using cash – and selected areas around the racecourse also offer betting by debit card.

You can even purchase Totepool betting vouchers in advance to use during your day at the races. To order call 01942 617776.

It is very likely that if in the past you have had a bet at Plumpton Racecourse at any one of the various betting windows around the course this will in fact have been a totepool bet. All the fantastic bets that you enjoy on course are also available online at and via Totepool Mobile.

The most popular bets are the placepot (whereby you are pick 6 horses in 6 races and if you get a place in every race you get a return, you can get some big returns without even backing a winner!) and the jackpot (whereby you need to pick all 6 winners in 6 races but the rewards can be huge)


Once you have placed your bets, you can follow how many units are in the pool and how many are on your selected horse using the live info centre 


You can also follow totepool on twitter @totepool ( – here you’ll get daily pool updates on the Jackpot, plus Placepot pool totals, competitions and more.

If you’re on Facebook, you can like their page Totepool’s Facebook pages lets them connect directly with fans and you can enter numerous competitions including free bet and racecourse ticket giveaways!

You can also view the Totepool Channel on You Tube for the latest adverts.


Independent bookmakers are located in the betting rings. Each bookie calculates their own odds for each horse and displays them on an electronic board. It’s fun to shop around to get the best price for your horse!

To help you place your bet, watch the  “Fancy a Flutter? Tote Betting”, a 3 minute video guide .


You can bet on all racemeetings in either of the two betting shops at Plumpton. The minimum bet is usually £2.


You will need a credit or debit card to open an online betting account with any online bookmakers. Minimum bets and opening balances vary.

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