Jeffrey Peate Jockey Challenge

A yearly competition to determine the top jockey at Plumpton. Every race the top 4 jockeys (if applicable) are awarded points depending on their finishing position: 1st – 8pts, 2nd – 5pts, 3rd – 3pts, 4th – 1pt. The jockey with the most points at the end of the season (calculated September to May) wins the Jeffrey Peate Challenge Jockeys Trophy.

The Jeffrey Peate Trainers Challenge

Runs alongside the jockey challenge, and is to determine the top trainer at Plumpton during the course of the season (September to May). The top 3 trainers per race are awarded points: 1st – 16pts, 2nd – 8pts, 3rd – 4pts. Alongside this we also take into account the different number of horses a trainer has in their yard,  so there is a bonus point system to give yards with fewer horses a fairer chance of victory. The smaller the yard the more bonus points (up to 5) they receive. E.g. Zoe Davison has 16-30 horses in training, therefore each time she is in the top 3 she will receive an extra 4 points, for example 16pts for 1st place + 4 bonus pts, Zoe would receive 20pts in the JP Challenge. Gary Moore on the other hand has 66+ horses in training, therefore each time he is in the top 3 he will only receive 1 bonus point, for example 16pts for 1st place + 1 bonus pts, Gary would receive 17pts in the JP Challenge. At the end of the season the trainer with the most points wins the The Jeffrey Peate Trainer Challenge Trophy.

Bonus Scheme Points:

0-15* - 5pts

16-30* - 4pts

31-45* - 3pts

46-66* - 2pts

66+* - 1pt

*horses in training